'Survivor' Season 27 Finale: The Winner Cries Tears of Joy

'Survivor' Season 27 Finale: The Winner Cries Tears of Joy

Gervase, Monica and Tyson make it to the Top 3 after getting through two other Immunity Challenges and Tribal Councils in the December 15 episode.
"Survivor: Blood vs. Water" came to its conclusion on Sunday, December 15. The episode, which would reveal the winner of season 27, opened with Hayden joining Tina and Laura at the Redemption Island after being voted off in the last episode.

The three immediately played for a chance to return to the game, with the four finalists watching. They had to place one foot on a balancing board that has a vase at the other end. The last one with an unbroken vase would rejoin the game.

Hayden suddenly slipped and lost his balance, breaking his vase first. Laura asked Tina to let her win this, but Tina said there's no way she would let go of a chance to win a million dollar. Laura's vase fell and broke, so Tina rejoined the game. She's given the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol and kept it for herself.

Upon returning to the camp, Tina went searching for the idol but could not find it. She then decided to form an alliance with Ciera and Monica. Ciera convinced Monica that the move would make her an epic player.

Host Jeff Probst then called all the finalists for the Immunity Challenge. They had to to balance a table with a long rope while walking back and forth and grabing blocks and putting them on the table. The first one with ten blocks would win the immunity.

The women led at first with four blocks but they then knocked them over. Tyson eventually completed the challenge first, which meant he also secured a spot in the Top 4. Ciera was voted out in the Tribal Council and she became the seventh member of the jury.

They later gathered for the last Immunity Challenge, where they would get through a series of obstacles to collect two bags of puzzle pieces at a time. They had to run them up and put them on their table and slide down and get two more bags. After collecting six bags, they would put the puzzle together to unlock their lock which would raise their flag.

Tyson finished the puzzle first and raised the flag, once again winning the immunity. He and Gervase later talked about who should be out next and agreed that Tina should be voted out. Indeed, Tina was eliminated in the Tribal council and joined the jury.

The Final Tribal Council took place the next morning. In their opening speeches, the three finalists explained why they should win the game. Gervase said he played the game great, Monica said she stayed true to her alliance because it was her strategic play, and Tyson said he at first just wanted to have fun but when his girlfriend Rachel was voted out, he wanted to make it to the end for her.

Tyson regretted that he his mouth often took over before his brain, but he didn't see himself as a villain because what he did was pure strategy. Gervase claimed a lot of the moves his group meant came from him. Monica, meanwhile, cried when explaining that she wanted to win this as a badge of honor other than being Brad's wife.

The jury then cast their votes but Jeff didn't read the results until they returned to the U.S. Tyson won 7-1 against Monica. He wept as Rachel came to hug him.

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