'Grace of Monaco' Teaser Trailer: Nicole Kidman Oozes Elegance as Princess Kelly

'Grace of Monaco' Teaser Trailer: Nicole Kidman Oozes Elegance as Princess Kelly

The 'Australia' actress shows some grace, style and confidence to portray the famous princess of Monaco in the Olivier Dahan-directed drama.
A teaser trailer of "Grace of Monaco" has just arrived for viewing pleasure. It focuses on introducing Nicole Kidman as actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly and gives a glimpse at her fairytale life surrounded by the opulence and luxury of royalty as the wife of Prince Rainier III. The scenes are played against a solemn narration by Frank Langella.

"Long after the house of Grimaldi has fallen the world is going to remember your name, your highness. You are the fairytale, the serenity to which we all aspire, and peace will come when you embrace the roles you have been destined to play," he says in a voice-over. "For no matter where you are, in the years to come, they will continue to whisper your name, the princess Grace."

Directed by Olivier Dahan, the movie is set in the 1960s when Monaco was under the looming threat of French invasion led by Charles De Gaulle due to tax dispute. The story will take place after Kelly abandoned her Hollywood career to settle into her new role as a princess and maneuver behind the scenes in an effort to save the city-state from a coup.

The movie was criticized by the royal family due to its "major historical inaccuracies." The royal House of Grimaldi claimed their "numerous requests for changes" to the script were ignored. In his defense, director Dahan said the film was not a biopic. Kidman agreed, adding that they only took on the small part of the princess' life "when she reveals her great humanity as her fears and weaknesses."

The movie is scheduled for viewing in the U.S. theaters starting November 27. Kidman stars opposite Tim Roth who plays her on-screen husband, the Prince of Monaco. The likes of Parker Posey, Milo Ventimiglia, Paz Vega and Derek Jacobi join them in the supporting roles along with Langella.

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