Stars Trash Miley Cyrus' Racy Performance at MTV VMAs

Stars Trash Miley Cyrus' Racy Performance at MTV VMAs

Some Hollywood stars, including Brooke Shields, Mika Brzezinski, Kelly Clarkson and Michael Strahan, disapprove of Cyrus' wild performance.
Miley Cyrus' performance at MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, August 25, has drawn lots of attention, and now criticism as well. After appearing on the stage with giant teddy bears to perform her summer party anthem, "We Can't Stop", she stripped down to a nude-colored two-piece when Robin Thicke joined her to sing his "Blurred Lines".

Sticking out her tongue, the former Disney princess twerked to the song and did a Jersey Turnpike grind on Thicke. Cyrus even simulated some raunchy moves, including touching Thicke's private area, with her well-manicured foam finger.

Brooke Shields was among Hollywood stars who disapproved of Cyrus' wild performance. The actress, who played Cyrus' mother on "Hannah Montana", called the performance "desperate." "I don't approve," she said. "I want to know who's advising her and why it's necessary. It's a bit desperate."

Mika Brzezinski said the performance was "disgusting". "That young lady, who is 20, is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed. Probably has confidence issues, probably an eating disorder. And I don't think anybody should have put her up on stage. That was disgusting," the "Morning Joe" anchor continued.

"Miley, step away from the foam finger and put your tongue away...PLEASE. #VMAs I'm so confused. #OldFogeyTweet," Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted. Michael Strahan agreed with Brown, tweeting, "[The Performance] was uncomfortable, weird and hard to watch!"

Some other celebs didn't take the performance too seriously and made jokes out of it. "When a black girl twerks, it's ratchet. when a white girl does it, it's entertainment," B.o.B tweeted. "Things I learned watching the #VMAs2013: There's nothing you can do with a foam finger that you can't air on MTV," James Van Der Beek also wrote on Twitter.

Paula Patton, Thicke's wife, reportedly had no troubles with Cyrus getting steamy with her husband on the VMA stage. Sources tell TMZ that the 37-year-old actress was completely fine with the performance, since there were "tons of rehearsals" prior to Sunday and nothing unexpected took place.

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