Ransom Reacts to Nicki Minaj's Outburst Over Misinterpreted Lyrics

Ransom Reacts to Nicki Minaj's Outburst Over Misinterpreted Lyrics

The rapper says her old friend has overreacted and become disrespectful over a simple misunderstanding.
A day after Nicki Minaj went ballistic over past collaborator Ransom's supposed ghostwriting insinuations in his song "Man Alone", TMZ caught up this time with the New Jersey-based rapper to get his reactions on the curvaceous diva's outburst. He then took the ambush interview as an opportunity to clarify the apparently misinterpreted lyrics and express his disappointment over his old friend.

Ransom straight away addressed the issue over the lyrics, "I was doing verses for her," claiming it simply meant Minaj used to call her to ask for his help on her songs to which he always obliged, and not necessarily wrote or even arranged any of her songs. He was disappointed with her over the top reaction because he assumed that of all people, Minaj would know exactly what he meant and not overreact like she did.

Despite Minaj hurling invectives at him over a simple misunderstanding, Ransom assured everyone that he's "got no beef" with her because "to hate a woman would make him less of a man," saying, "I'm not even going to stoop that low." However, he did say Minaj was "so disrespectful" in the TMZ video that although he has seen it, he could not bear watching the full flare-up. On whether Minaj should apologize, he said he thought she should but quickly stated he's not actually asking for any apology from the rapstress, perhaps cutting her some slack since it was based on "stupid" misinterpretations of his lyrics.

Asked if he would still like to be friends with her, he referred back to her wrongful outburst while mouthing the words, "I always helped her," with a tinge of disappointment. Finally when the reporter posed the question, "If she ever came back for help, would you help her now?", Ransom just shrugged it off with, "She won't need my help," now that she's a big hip-hop superstar.

Meanwhile, amid all the confusion and anger, Minaj managed to post a topless selfie on her Instagram last night, flaunting her assets with only her long black locks keeping her from a full exposure.

Nicki Minaj's topless selfie:

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