Michael Jackson Rumored Spending $35M to Silence His Abuse Victims

Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop reportedly only spent time with the kids he liked and ignored the rest of his young guests who usually came to his ranch with their families.
Michael Jackson's alleged attempt to silence the victims of his child sexual abuse is revealed in secret files seized by FBI from a private investigator previously employed by the late King of Pop. MJ reportedly spent as much as $35 million to gag the victims and their families from going to court.

Sunday People got exclusive access to the alleged files that included investigators' reports, phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes documenting interviews with Jacko's former house staff at the Neverland ranch. The number of his victims reportedly reached 24 boys over the past of 15 years.

According to the files, the "Thriller" hitmaker usually invited a group of children and their parents. He would provide entertainment for the parents and then single out one or two kids he was fond of to be taken to the privacy of his bedroom or his home cinema. His large house that boasted amusement spots reportedly was enough to keep the other children busy without really noticing that one of them had disappeared.

The investigation was reportedly launched years ago in attempt to draw a list of potential threats against Michael, after Jordan Chandler's father opened the door to a string of molestation accusations by accusing the singer of molesting his son. To stop them from suing, the late superstar reportedly gave hush money ranging from $2 million to $20 million to each family that could potentially sue him.

Michael died in 2009 from a suspected overdose of propofol, sending his doctor Conrad Murray behind bars after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Now the Jackson family is suing AEG Live, the promoter of his doomed "This Is It" concert, of negligently hiring Conrad and failing to do proper background check before employing him to care for Jackso's health. The company denies all accusations.

Amidst the wrongful death trial, dancer Wade Robson who used to visit Neverland when he was a kid filed a new molestation claim against Michael. Claiming he was not among the 24 boys who received secret payment from the singer, he reportedly has contacted his lawyers to reach out to the FBI in regards to the newly-revealed secret files to help with his case.

When Michael stood trial in a molestation case years ago, Wade actually was one of the strong witnesses who helped him get acquitted of all charges. Wade has now claimed his statement back then was a result of "brain-washing" by Michael.

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