Justin Bieber Infuriates Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson With Reckless Driving

Johnson and Dickerson suggest that the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer slows down when he drives around in his Ferrari because his dangerous driving may hurt others.
Justin Bieber apparently needs to be more careful when he drives around his Calabasas home. At least two people, former NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, criticized the pop star for his dangerous driving. Johnson's agent Jerome Stanley told TMZ that the football player was still "very, very, very livid" after the 19-year-old singer passed him and his child in dangerous speed.

"Keyshawn is taking the situation very seriously. He wants Justin to slow down and be a responsible neighbor," the representative said. The representative added that Keyshawn would "do whatever it takes to help the authorities" investigate the matters.

Dickerson shared similar opinion with Johnson. The former NFL player, who lives in Calabasas for years, said that he personally witnessed how the "Baby" singer navigated his super car. "I've seen [Justin] driving fast around Calabasas before in the Ferrari. It's just not safe," he said.

The NFL legend said that he owned two Ferraris and he knew that sports cars could be really dangerous. "I used to drive fast, but that was on the freeway, and even that wasn't safe," Dickerson said. He also commented on Dickerson's attempt to talk to the teen heartthrob. "I don't blame Keyshawn, he's got kids. I don't blame him for trying to get [Justin's] attention. I would've been the same way, when you're a father it takes on a whole new meaning. Plus, we got that football mentality," Dickerson concluded.

Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore said that the police received two separate calls on Monday night, May 27, that reported Bieber driving around Calabasas gated community at a "startling high rate of speed." The authorities responded to the calls and went to the pop star's pad, but he reportedly refused to see them.

Dickinson, who was driving with his kid when Bieber passed them in a neck-breaking speed, decided to talk face-to-face with the singer. He dropped his child at home and chased down the super car with his Prius. A witness said that Bieber ran to his mansion when Dickinson went out of his car to have a word with him. So far, there is no comment from Bieber's representative in regards to the alleged reckless driving.

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