Lindsay and Dina Lohan Hug After Limousine Fight, Audio Recording Surfaces

Lindsay and Dina Lohan Hug After Limousine Fight, Audio Recording Surfaces

Lindsay Lohan and her mother share a goodbye hug in the morning after their late-night altercation during which LiLo called her father and their phone conversation was caught on tape recording.
Lindsay Lohan's encounter with Dina Lohan was drama-free in the morning of October 10 after they had a fight involving cops in the wee hours of Wednesday. The daughter-mother duo shared a hug outside Dina's home in Long Island, N.Y. before they parted.

Although LiLo and her mom kept their meeting civil, they looked gloomy in black ensembles and dark shades to hide their lack of sleeping from the night out gone awry. Despite the warm sunny weather in the Big Apple, there was no smile shared by the two to the camera.

Hours earlier, LiLo exchanged heated words with Dina after they spent time together in a nightclub in New York City. They reportedly had disagreement as to where the limousine should take them. LiLo wanted to take the car back to her NYC hotel but Dina wanted to take it to Long Island to avoid paying for cab.

During the intense argument inside the vehicle, LiLo called her father, Michael Lohan, for help. An audio of the emotional conversation has emerged on the web. A crying LiLo claimed Dina said "disgusting things" to her, and she accused her mother of being on cocaine and getting violent toward her.

In the phone conversation, LiLo also revealed that she gave Dina $40,000 so that her mother could keep her NY house. "She's full of s***, she's lying to you Lindsay, she's lying," Michael said. The actress told her father, "I asked her to give it back and she's like 'you're sick, you don't give me anything' ...."

Michael then consoled her daughter, "You do everything. You do everything for everyone." "Dad, she's on cocaine. She's like touching her neck, and s***," she said next. "I'm supposed to go home and I'm afraid she's going to do the same s*** that I was describing to you, arrest me like she did to you."

"She just said I'm dead to her, I'm dead to her now," LiLo continued weeping. "She's like the f***ing devil right now." She added, "I have a gash on my leg for what happened," to which Michael replied, "Mom put a gash on your leg? That's ridiculous."

Cops were called to break up the fight, but no arrest was made and no injuries were reported. LiLo's rep declined to comment on the matter, but the star herself assured that everything was fine as tweeting to her mother Dina and her sister Ali Lohan, "Enjoying some sugar free @drinkmrpink while traveling :) miss u @dinalohan @aliana."

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