'True Blood' Boss Talks About the New Bill After Bloody Season 5 Finale

'True Blood' Boss Talks About the New Bill After Bloody Season 5 Finale

'The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious,' Alan Ball says of the vampire who has dived in Lilith's religion throughout the latest season.
Bill was on the peak of his religious fanaticism in the season 5 finale of "True Blood". [SPOILER ALERT!] Eric was able to convince Sookie to infiltrate the Authority headquarters, but it was too late for her to save her former lover, who drank the rest of Lilith's vial and exploded into a pool of blood before he reemerged as a primal and bloody version of himself in the Sunday, August 26 episode.

Speaking to TVLine about Bill's transformation, creator Alan Ball refuses to describe Bill as the new god. "I don't want to say if he is or he isn't," he says of the vampire, whose physical appearance resembles to Lilith's at the end of the outing. "Who's to say what Lilith really is? He is still Bill but he is something different."

The original showrunner, who will hand over the position to Mark Hudis starting the sixth season, adds, "It is Bill, but it is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It's not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he's just a baby."

Asked about what lies ahead for the character in the upcoming chapter, he teases, "Is he going to be evil? What does he want? What is he going to do? Will he be able to revert back to Bill? That's for future seasons. The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious." In a commentary video, Michael Lehmann who directed the episode, has similar questions about Bill. "What's gonna to him? Where did he go? He went so dark at the end of this episode," he says.

As for Russell who was bitten by Eric, Ball confirms, "He's gone. We may see him in flashbacks, but he bit it." However, he doesn't know if Russell's lover Steve will make appearance in the sixth season. "I've spoken to Mark briefly. They've only pitched some very broad ideas," he reveals. "I hope he does because I think he's such a great character. I don't know if he would be a big part of the season, but he definitely seems like that would be a person to bring back."

Ball additionally hints that Warlow will be unmasked in the upcoming installment. "We didn't want to really define Warlow until the next season... I think he'll be kind of a big part of it [season 6]," he admits.

Meanwhile, a bonus scene from the final episode of season 5 has been released via HBOGO.com. It sees Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora in an elevator and getting ready for the final showdown. The clip ends as Jason mentions something about Warlow, prompting Nora to ask, "What do you know about Warlow?"

Inside the episode #60:

Bonus scene of season 5 finale:

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