Robert Pattinson on New Project 'The Rover': It's Kind of Western, Very Existential

Robert Pattinson

'It's sort of about how much pain can the world take and how much disgust and cruelty before love dies,' so Rob explains about his upcoming crime movie which also stars Guy Pearce.
Amid his busy schedule promoting "Cosmopolis", Robert Pattinson managed to spill the beans on his upcoming gritty film project with Guy Pearce called "The Rover". When attending a recent press junket for the David Cronenberg-directed thriller, Rob dished on his next gig, which plot was deemed "pretty heavy" by Cronenberg.

"It's kind of a western," Rob explained about "Rover", which will be directed and written by David Michod. "It's very existential. It's really interesting. I couldn't really explain to you what it's about but it's sort of about how much pain can the world take and how much disgust and cruelty before love dies. I think that's kind of what it's about."

Set in the Australian desert, "Rover" is a futuristic western that tells the story of Eric (Guy), who has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him, as he's forced to join an injured gang member Rey (Rob). Eric hunts down Rey's gang after they steal the last of his possessions.

Commenting on the intense plot, Rob admitted that the description might be a bit more highfalutin than the actual film. "David Michod's going to read this and be like, 'What the f*** are you talking about? It's a crime movie'," Rob said and laughed, as quoted by The Playlist.

Rob is scheduled to begin filming "Rover" next year. Asked when the film would come out, he revealed that it might be released later than he expected. "I wish it was shooting this fall," said Rob. "I was supposed to be doing this movie this fall but that was pushed to after 'The Rover', which is a good thing because it needs a ton of work. But I really wish I could move 'The Rover' up. I've got to find something else to do."

Aside from "Rover", Rob's upcoming projects include "Mission: Blacklist", a thriller which follows the hunt for former Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein, and "Queen of the Desert", a drama about Gertrude Bell in which he is set to star as Lawrence of Arabia. His latest thriller "Cosmopolis" has been dropped in the U.S. on Friday, August 17. Additionally, he will reprise his iconic role as Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part II".

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