Katherine 'Coming Home' After Losing Custody of Michael Jackson's Kids

Katherine Jackson

While holding back her tears, the Jackson matriarch says the court ruling is 'based on a bunch of lies' and announces, 'I am going home to straighten them out.'
Katherine denies TJ's statement that she supported his effort to be a temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's children. To ABC News, the 82-year-old says, "I am devastated that while I've been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I'm coming home."

The Jackson matriarch says the court ruling that placed Paris, Prince and Blanket in the care of her 34-year-old grandson is "based on a bunch of lies." She states, "There's a lot of lies that have been put out there and I am going home to straighten them out, and this kind of stuff doesn't make sense."

"There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped and held against my will. I am here today to let everybody to know that I am fine," she continues. "My children would never do a thing to me like that, holding me against my will. It's very stupid for people to think that."

Katherine once again stresses that she's in Arizona just for "short vacation and rest." Commenting on her lack of contact with her grandchildren, she explains, "One reason I didn't call is I just gave up my phone and I didn't want to have any phone calls while I was here."

Katherine broke down in tears several times when she read the statement from a paper in an Arizona resort she's staying. Rebbie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and Janet Jackson were by her side to give support along with Rebbie's daughter, Stacy, and a representative from the resort.

Contrary to what Katherine said, TJ claimed in his filing that he spoke to her via phone on July 24. She "indicated to me that she supported me in taking steps that I deemed appropriate to protect [MJ's children]," Tito Jackson's son stated in the paper.

In a Los Angeles court hearing, he recalled his alleged conversation with Katherine, "I've never heard my grandmother talk like that." He added, "She wasn't sharp. The pauses, choice of vocabulary ...she has not used certain phrases like that before." He thought she was speaking in code.

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