Marc Webb: 'Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel's Villain Could Be 'The Mime'

Should he still be on board to helm the follow-up movie, Webb will possibly choose 'a villain called The Mime' as his choice of enemy for Spidey.
While "The Amazing Spider-Man" hasn't even opened in the U.S., some fans already sparked speculations about the sequel's plot. Addressing the subject, director Marc Webb recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he already pitched a villainous character for the follow-up movie.

"I do think it would be tricky to totally invent a major villain, but if I did that it would be The Mime," Webb opened up carefully. However, he quickly noted that the idea was far from certain as claiming, "My big contribution would be a villain called The Mime. That's a joke, by the way. A joke."

Webb additionally revealed that he might be considering to depart from the Spidey franchise. Though so, he believed that whoever helming the sequel had to make his/her own interesting choice of villain. "I think you have to be pretty protective of the canon when it comes to villain," he said, "And Spider-Man has a great rogues gallery, so there's a lot to choose from."

On his vision of the web-slinging superhero movie franchise, Webb explained, "I wanted to create a universe that works in and of itself for one movie, but I wanted to create a universe that not only can withstand but anticipate future storylines."

"Movies like this tend to have sequels, [though] ultimately the audience will tell us if they want one," he added. "But I kind of thought it was an interesting thing to anticipate those storylines and think about the backstories and how we can parlay those into an ongoing story."

Webb explained further that his approach to his Spider-Man film was based on the original comic book itself. "That's something I love about the comics - the serialized nature of them. And then certain storylines we'll pick up and characters that we'll expand upon, but it's all part of the mythology that we spent a lot of time developing early on," he reasoned.

Believing that the future of "The Amazing Spider-Man" film series is bright, 37-year-old director gushed, "I think there's obligations to canon that were fun to explore, but the future is bright. I think there's a lot of possibility there."

Starring Andrew Garfield as the titular superhero, "The Amazing Spider-Man" will make its way out onto theaters nationwide on July 3.

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