'The Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Picks Her Final Three Guys After Hometown Dates

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Picks Her Final Three Guys After Hometown Dates

Arie is afraid there will be a culture clash when Emily meets his Dutch family, while Sean makes a shocking 'confession' that he still lives in his parents' house.
Emily Maynard had a very nervous moment as she met the parents of the remaining four guys in the latest episode of "The Bachelorette". After spending some time with her daughter Ricki, the blonde beauty visited Chris' hometown in Chicago. His family is Polish, so he took her to a Polish restaurant where he could share the "taste" of his heritage with her.

Chris once again apologized for acting like a child in Prague before taking Emily to meet his family. During a private chat, Emily asked Chris' father if his son was ready to be a parent to her six-year-old kid. Chris' father thought his son would. Chris' mother also gave her blessing, telling her son to fight for Emily if he thought she's the one for him.

Emily's next hometown date was with Jef in St. George, Utah, where his family live at the Holmstead Ranch. Jef gave Emily a shooting lesson and she's happy to see his cowboy side and to learn that he's down to earth.

Jef's parents were not in town because they were on a mission charity work in South Carolina, so Emily met his critical siblings. Jef's brother was worried that Jef wasn't ready to be a father to her kid, but Emily assured his sisters that she fell in love with Jef.

Later, Jef melted Emily's heart by reading a love letter to her, confessing how much he loved her.

For the hometown date with Arie, Emily went to Scottsdale, Arizona. His family is Dutch and he's worried that there would be a culture clash. Arie had to translate for Emily since his parents spoke in Dutch during the chat, but his family finally gave their approval.

Emily met Sean's family in Dallas, Texas. They began by having a picnic during which they talked about a previously failed relationship, which was the reason why he wouldn't get serious with someone until he really knew she's the right one for him.

After introducing Emily to his family, Sean pulled a joke by "confessing" that he still lived with his parents. He made Emily horrified by showing his messy room, but then said, "I'm kidding!" Emily's conversation with his parents went smoothly. After sending her off, Sean ran to chase her car to give her a kiss.

Back in Los Angeles, Emily had to send one of the guys home at the Rose Ceremony. Arie got the first rose, followed by Jef and Sean. Chris was clearly upset that he didn't get picked for her final three. Emily then explained that she felt a very strong connection with Chris on their first date, but her relationships with the other guys have gone much deeper than her relationship with him.

Next week on Monday, July 9, Emily will have an overnight date with each of the three guys.

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