'True Blood' Actress Dishes on Eric and Pam's Relationship After the Emotional Scene

'True Blood' Actress Dishes on Eric and Pam's Relationship After the Emotional Scene

Despite the huge role-changing moment in the latest episode of the HBO series, Kristin Bauer says her character Pam will still 'be trying to be with Eric and make sure he's okay.'
There was a heartbreaking moment for Eric and Pam in the Sunday, July 1 episode of "True Blood" as [SPOILER ALERT!] they cut their maker-progeny relationship. Speaking in an interview about the emotional scene, Kristin Bauer claims her character has not lost her loyalty to the vampire sheriff.

"For eternity, if she has the option, she'll be trying to be with Eric and make sure he's okay," the actress tells TV Guide, assuring that Pam will still help Eric to find Russell. "She can't help it. It's her dad. There's a very paternal connection, and the way that it was made felt, to me, like it really explains how he's saved her."

Asked how Pam deals with her new freedom, Bauer says she's "still figuring that out," because until episode 12, her character is "putting on a brave face." She explains, "Just because he released her doesn't change the fact that he's her one person, so she's ballsy and brave, but it's very hard for Pam."

"I don't think that she ever pictured her life without him. That's the structure of her world. It's like any huge change, or divorce or a death. You don't really know how to start rebuilding. I feel like that's Pam's year, is trying to figure that out, and as we're shooting and I'm waiting for scripts I'm still trying to figure that out."

In another interview with Celebuzz, Bauer reveals she's as sad as her character when learning about the Eric-Pam storyline. "I cried when I read the scene," she shares. "I cried in the table read, I cried in rehearsal, I cried when the camera was on my back, because it just for some reason felt so real and personal to me. There was no 'OK, now I'm going to act.' It was just there."

Asked how long the show will keep Eric and Pam apart, Bauer gushes, "It feels like an end." She adds, "It feels like I'm lost. It feels like a big huge transition or change. And we all know from our own lives that big huge transitions and changes may turn out to be a great thing but still s**tty."

Although saying that the future of Eric and Pam's relationship is "just an unknown thing," she claims, "We do know that the bond between Eric and Pam, no matter what you call it, will never go away."

In the latest episode of "True Blood", Eric freed Pam when returning to Fangtasia as he thought it would probably be safer for her, considering he's under the threat of meeting his true death. Still in the same outing, it was revealed what forced Eric to turn Pam into a vampire.

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