DJ Peter Rosenberg Is Unapologetic About Nicki Minaj Hot 97's Summer Jam Diss

DJ Peter Rosenberg Is Unapologetic About Nicki Minaj Hot 97's Summer Jam Diss

Insisting that he didn't mean to attack the 'Super Bass' hitmaker personally, the radio personality claims that he 'will never apologize' for what he said during the Sunday, June 3 gig.
Nicki Minaj's feud with DJ Peter Rosenberg seems to get even bitter. After the Harajuku Barbie explained the reason why she bailed out of the Hot 97's Summer Jam 2012, Rosenberg quickly responded to her statement by claiming that he was unapologetic about his diss toward the "Super Bass" raptress.

"Regardless of whether the time was good or not, the fact that she then pulled out and Young Money pulled out, means I will never apologize for that. Never," so the DJ told Rap Radar in an interview. The radio personality additionally claimed that he never insulted Minaj but he only gave his opinion about her song.

"I need it to be clear - I gave an opinion on a song," the DJ defended his blatant comments at the New York fest last Sunday, June 3. "And Nicki Minaj and [her label] Young Money decided to skip Summer Jam. Because of an opinion, not a personal attack, nothing derogatory because she's a woman."

During the interview, Rosenbeg once again called Minaj's song "Starship" a "girly-a** dance-pop" and suggested that the femcee's camp were overreacting. "That's why music is so mediocre nowadays, because no one can give opinions," he claimed.

"If you give an opinion, cats hate you, their crew skips your concert, they diss you on Twitter, their boyfriends threaten to punch you in the face," said Rosenberg, referencing to Minaj's boyfriend Safaree "SB" Samuels who threatened to punch the DJ at Summer Jam.

Rosenberg went on stating, "Nicki's boyfriend went on Twitter and said he was going to punch me in the face because I don't like a pop dance song that his girlfriend made." He added, "My fans - and by that I mean, not fans of me, fans of real hip-hop, appreciated what I said..."

"The world is not just Barbz. The world is not just 16-year-old girls," he continued. "There are a lot of people out there who feel that they don't like music like that. Not all of her music, the song that I specifically referenced. She's had a lot of good moments. 'Starship' ain't one of them, and it represents the opposite of real hip-hop."

Previously, the "Your Love" hitmaker talked to Funk Master Flex, explaining that her fans "didn't appreciate his [Peter Rosenberg] comments." She insisted, "It's not about his opinion, because I have opinions about DJS at Hot 97 and hot 97. I wouldn't dare come on your stage leading put that concur."

"Everybody is grown enough to keep their opinions to their self. When you disrespect Nicki Minaj, you're disrespecting my fans. Don't make those three million people...that their inferior for their personal taste in music," so the 29-year-old rapper stated.

The beef started when Rosenberg criticized Minaj's song at the Summer Jam. "I know there are some chicks in here waiting to sing along with 'Starship' later. I'm not talking to y'all now. F*** that bulls***. I'm here to talk about real hip-hop s***," so he told the crowd that time.

Words are, after the incident, Minaj also boycotted next year's edition of the festival. According to TMZ, Hot 97 wanted to have the Trinidadian-born raptress as a performer for the 2013 gig. However, when the Young Money first lady heard about it, she reportedly refused.

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