Saoirse Ronan's 'Order of the Seven' Shut Down by Disney

Saoirse Ronan

Walt Disney Pictures has decided to put the brakes on the adventure movie project due to budgetary concern and the risk of having a first-time director helming the gig.
Saoirse Ronan won't likely star in "The Order of the Seven" after all. Walt Disney Pictures has decided to pull the plug on the supposedly big-budgeted adventure movie project following the box office flop of "John Carter" last March.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney abruptly stopped the project despite the fact that the gig was already in pre-production and was projected to kick off filming this summer in London. It was said that "Order of the Seven" budget was too high given that it would be helmed by a first-time director.

Insiders revealed that since "John Carter" flop, the studio has been scrutinizing budgets on its tentpole movies. Adding to the uncertainty was the absence of a studio head following Rich Ross' departure last April. Ross was the one who was in charge to oversee the development of "Order of the Seven".

"Order of Seven", which has been developed at Disney since 2002, was originally written by Michael Chabon, who adapted "Snow White" story to the script. The latest version of the screenplay was penned by scribe duo Jayson Rothwell and Michael DeBruyn.

Ronan was expected to play Olivia Sinclair, a British expatriate in 19th century Hong Kong. She looked for protection from centuries old group of warriors, who became a gang of outlaws. Following the re-emergence of an ancient evil empress, Sinclair helped the warriors reclaim their destiny and noble roots.

This was not the first time Disney put the brakes on a movie project due to budgetary concerns. Back in 2011, the studio canceled Johnny Depp-starring "The Lone Ranger". However, it finally greenlit the project after producer Jerry Bruckheimer agreed to reduce the cost of the adventure film.

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