Video: Adam Lambert Performs New Songs on 'Good Morning America'

Video: Adam Lambert Performs New Songs on 'Good Morning America'

The runner-up of 'American Idol' season 8 sings 'Never Close Our Eyes', 'Trespassing' and 'Shady' from his sophomore set.
Adam Lambert celebrated the release of his new studio album "Trespassing" with his fans on "Good Morning America" Monday, May 14. The 2009 "American Idol" runner-up rocked the TV show with his new songs including the second single "Never Close Our Eyes", the title track and another fresh tune called "Shady".

He additionally did an interview with Robin Roberts and talked about how he took his time, compared to the making of his debut CD "For Your Entertainment", in the process of this new project. "I wanted to get back to what I love about music. Just take my time and write it from a place where I was at home, hanging with friends, going out, being with family. That's what is all about: a celebration!" he gushed.

Talking about his new sound, the singer explained, "I think funk exists today on the radio with dance music." He elaborated furthermore, "It's a more modernized version, but going back to the classics, disco and funk, it's timeless. I really pulled a lot from that because no matter who you are, everyone loves a good beat."

In addition to visiting "GMA", Lambert did a Q&A session with Billboard as well as AP and dropped by VH1's "Big Morning Buzz". The Grammy-nominated singer will next perform on "Idol" this coming Thursday, May 17 and join Queen for some live concerts including a Kiev gig where Elton John is set to join them.

When talking to AP, he stated, "Over the past year, besides taking time to write and record the album, I've had a lot of downtime, which has been really nice to live a real life again - or what seems like one - and I think that really informed my writing process and experience making the album. I was writing from a place with a little more perspective."

In the chat with Billboard, Lambert explained why he served as a producer in the album, "I did have a hit, which was great. That was one big step. Now what? 'Is that going to be it? Am I a one-hit wonder?' " He continued, "So I wanted to get really involved in the process to make sure I was doing everything I could to create a great album. And I think I did."

In an interview with LA Times recently, 30-year-old Lambert, meanwhile, commented on his upcoming gig with Queen. Admitting that it's "a daunting task" and he "started smelling a little bit of doubt" from some of the band's fans, he enthused, "But I'm looking forward to it. And I feel total faith from them."

Responding to the fans who are skeptical about Freddie Mercury being replaced, he said, "There will only be one Freddie Mercury. I'm not trying to imitate him. I'm not trying to outdo him. I'm just trying to sing great music that he wrote." He added with laugh, "It's not that deep. Although, yes, it is that deep, because it's Queen! It means a lot to me personally."




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