Videos: Kristen Stewart Showered With Birthday Wishes From 'Snow White' Co-Stars

Videos: Kristen Stewart Showered With Birthday Wishes From 'Snow White' Co-Stars

The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' star herself has celebrated her 22nd birthday on Saturday, April 7 night as she checked out a burlesque show with Robert Pattinson and their close friends.
Turning 22 on Monday, April 9, Kristen Stewart gets some love from her "Snow White and the Huntsman" co-stars. The likes of Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin have all taken to YouTube to tape separate video messages in which they wish the Hollywood beauty a happy birthday.

In her video, Theron claims to have learned about Stewart's birthday from "a little birdie". While she plays Stewart's nemesis, evil Queen Ravenna, in "Snow White", the 36-year-old Oscar winner has nothing but praises for her younger co-star. "You're awesome," she gushes. "I feel honored to know you and just keep rockin' man! You're amazing."

Hemsworth, in the meantime, wishes Stewart a "Happy bloody birthday". The 28-year-old, who stars as the Huntsman, also sends her "lots of love". Prince William's depicter Clafin, on the other hand, jokes, "Sorry I can't be there with you, I'm sure you'll be sorry as well." On a more serious note, he says, "Happy Birthday, really I hope you have a fantastic day."

Stewart herself has celebrated her birthday early. E! News reported that she headed out to Los Angeles' nightspot Harvard and Stone on Saturday, April 7 night, along with rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson and 15 of their close friends. She was "wearing a black hoodie, black leather jacket and skinny jeans," an onlooker said.

The eyewitness further detailed that Pattinson "sported an Adidas shirt and a full-grown beard" and that "no one seemed to notice they were there." Having said that the pair "were having lots of drinks on the top floor of the bar and seemed to be having fun," the source added that they watched a burlesque show that was played every 30 minutes at the bar.

Offering more details of the outing, another witness dished on, "Kristen seemed happy to just catch up with her girlfriends. She didn't dance at all. Neither did Rob. But their friends were really enjoying the music." It was further noted that the pair finally left the bar at around 1:30 A.M., and was spotted holding hands when making their exit.

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