Video: Aerosmith Detail Their New Album and Global Warming Tour

Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith

Steven Tyler says that with the album, 'there's going to be kids who are going to get introduced to Aerosmith all over again,' while Joe Perry gushes the tour will get warmer and hotter.
Aerosmith stopped by The Grove in Los Angeles on March 28 for a press conference to announce the band's new album and upcoming tour. Introduced by Jimmy Kimmel, the four members including Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry got together on one stage to give details about what they have up their sleeves.

"We've been underground for four months, doing what we do the best. We've been known to set the world on fire," Steve said. "We haven't been played any music for the last couple years, at least, so we decided to do the Global Warming tour and come out from under the hood, so to speak. We've got a new album, we've got a new tour."

Joe chimed in, "It's getting warm, it's going to get hotter." The guitarist added, "I think this is the first time we're going to actually play some songs off our new record for our fans, along with the old good ones. So we can't wait to bring this thing home." Agreeing with his bandmate, Steve gushed, "We're really looking forward to kicking some ass with this new album."

Talking about the album, the lead singer opened up they're almost done with two more songs to finish. " 'Legendary Child', 'Beautiful', 'Out Go the Lights'. A bunch of great songs are on this album," he spilled further. "It will be out in three months." He went on, "We've got a dream team going on here. Jack Douglas produced the record."

"Jack is part of the DNA of this band," bassist Hamilton elaborated. "We learned how to make records with him back in the '70's. That process, and the way we get along, and the way he inspires us, it's still happening. The first day of writing and rehearsal that process came right back. The guy is a joy to work with."

In short, the reunited band promised they wouldn't let their fans down. To Reuters, Steve said, "The camaraderie's there, there's some songs that are new rock, and old rock and middle-of-the-road rock, and blues, piano. Joe Perry singing a couple of songs, I'm playing the drums, Joey sings, just all kinds of stuff."

"The music that we write, fortunately it's been seductive to all genres of people. There's going to be kids who are going to get introduced to Aerosmith all over again, and there's a bunch of new music that we're taking a risk and putting out. It's kind of futuristic rock, all the way across the board, we're just good for that."

Aerosmith will kick it off on June 16 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and wrap up on August 8 in Tacoma, Washington.

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