'The Amazing Race' Recap: Another Fast Forward and a Case of Clueless in Carpet Shop

Dave and Rachel reach the pit stop first after completing the Fast Forward challenge before Joey and Danny, who have to catch up with the other teams who have earlier headed for the Roadblock.
Another team took the advantage of Fast Forward in the March 25 episode of "The Amazing Race". Rachel and Dave won in the sixth leg of the show's season 20 after racing against Joey and Danny who also opted to do the Fast Forward challenge.

First, the remaining seven teams flew from Munich to Baku, Azerbaijan. Although Art and JJ departed first, all teams tied up as they had to wait until sunrise to enter Temple Ateshgah ("Temple of Fire") where they would get the first clue.

The clue included an option to do Fast Forward, which told the participating teams to travel to a nearby market to unload 150 bales of hay and then stack them 10 bales long, 3 bales wide, and 5 bales high. Rachel and Dave as well as Joey and Danny chose to take the Fast Forward challenge, while the other teams headed to Occupational Training International for a Roadblock.

Rachel and Dave finished stacking their hay first, forcing Joey and Danny to do the original route and catch up with the other teams. Rachel and Dave headed to the pit stop, which was Boulevard Esplanade Estakada. They were announced as the winner and would bring home a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO each.

At the Roadblock, one team member had to participate in a helicopter crash training exercise. Once the helicopter submerges in a pool, they had to escape and swim to get the next clue from a lifeboat. Bopper, Jamie, JJ, Brendon and Vanessa had completed the task when Joey and Danny finally arrived for the Roadblock.

The groups headed to Toghrul Karabakh Carpet Shop for their next clue, which led them to Detour. Vanessa and Ralph had trouble finding the clue, which was clearly visible all the time. The Detour was a choice between Apples and Oil. In Apples, teams must unload and search through an old Soviet car filled with a ton of apples for one apple marked with a Race Flag. In Oil, teams had to clean crude oil off of a client at the Naftalan health spa.

Nary and Jamie, Vanessa and Ralph, as well as Danny and Joey took the Apples challenge, while the other three teams took the other Detour. Art and JJ finished scraping off oil from a naked man first and headed to the pit stop. They were declared team number 2.

Bopper and Mark arrived on the third place, followed by Brendon and Rachel, Nary and Jamie, as well as Vanessa and Ralph in respective order. Danny and Joey, who were left way behind other teams since Roadblock, were the last team to arrive and got eliminated. They were glad that made it this far in the race.

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