Possible Description for First 'Man of Steel' Trailer Revealed

Henry Cavill

It is said that the anticipated first trailer for the upcoming Superman movie would highlight details of the superhero's origin as well as his relationships with his adoptive parents and Lois Lane.
While Warner Bros. Pictures hasn't confirmed when it will unveil the first trailer for "Man of Steel", a very in-detail description of the anticipated sneak peek has been leaked online. Comic Book Movie claimed to have received details of the rough cut trailer from an insider that works in the upcoming Superman movie. However, the site noted that the possible trailer "might not be the final cut" but it could be "one version they're currently working on."

It is said that the trailer opens [SPOILER ALERT!] with a shot of planets in the outer space. There is Jor-El's voiceover saying, "My son, our world is no longer safe for you." One of the planets suddenly explodes and a small ship is seen zooming out of the flames. Then it cuts to a scene where Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van put their baby into the ship. "We have been hit by an unexpected force," says the voiceover. It is followed with a footage where Jor-El meets face-to-face with General Zod at a low bridge.

The footage then cuts to a new shot where the mentioned ship flies quickly past some satellites before entering the Earth atmosphere. A number of scientists are seen noticing the unidentified object, which then crashes into the Kent Farm. Johnathan and Martha Kent rush out of their house to check out the ship. John mutters, "What is that..." The ship starts to make noises and show strange languages appearing above it. As the Kents step back, the roof of the ship opens and a chair is erected up with a baby sitting on it.

The scene continues with a Martha Kent's voiceover, saying, "When you were a child Clark, well, the easiest way to put it was that you were special." Then there are shots of Clark lifting a car off the ground, spinning a pencil in the air using telekinesis, and standing in his room with a strained expression while pointing his head upwards. It then shows the protagonist's feet slowly rise off the ground. "You could do things that the other kids couldn't," says the voiceover.

It is reported that the next scene sees a bus falling off of a bridge with teenage Clark looking panic and young Lana Lang looking terrified. Suddenly the bus stops as Clark floating in mid-air while holding it up. "Which caused friction with other kids," continues the voiceover. Then it's followed with a scene where Clark gets bullied at school before the voiceover goes, "You were extraordinary. You could do amazing things. You were a Superman."

Then there's a new shot that features Martha talking to adult Clark in the kitchen. "I know all of this. But why? It's been kept from me all my life. I'm about to go out into the world, and I'm not leaving until I know what they are," says Clark. "Clark, that's the reason you're leaving," his mother replies. He then walks into the barn and takes his old ship out of crate. There are quick-cut shots of the protagonist looking worried while watching videos and reading some documents.

The footage continues to another scene that sees Clark diving shirtless into icy water. He is then seen in an igloo with an old man, warming his hands over a fire. The old man asks, "We don't get much visitors here. Why are you here?" Clark answers, "I have powers. Unimaginable powers. And I don't know what to do with them."

It cuts to a scene where a plane lands on a runway and Clark walks out. He later pulls a blue outfit from his ship with an "S" emblem. The camera then zooms to dirty looking Zod who falls out of a vortex and into a building. Superman is seen flying in the sky, using his heat vision to attack his nemesis. Meanwhile, the Kents try to get into their bunker as the massive tornado sweeps their land.

The scene follows with Clark talking to Lois Lane in the Daily Planet. "So you're new here. Good luck trying to get anything first, I'm quick with all the hot scoops," she says. There is a stack of papers being thrown into a van with Clark and Lois standing next to it. On the front papers, there's a photo of Superman flying through the air with a headline that reads, "Super-powered Vigilante Hits the Streets of Metropolis; Dubbed 'Superman'."

The final shot of the trailer is said to feature Superman and General Zod heading face-to-face on the streets of Metropolis. They fight each other using heat vision. The beams are meeting in the middle as flames fly all around them. The red light in the middle grows bigger before Superman emblem appears with the words "Man of Steel" being written across it. Then it is closed with the words, "Coming Soon."

Directed by Zack Snyder, "Man of Steel" is slated for a June 14, 2013 release in theaters across the United States. Henry Cavill tackles the titular part, and is joined by Amy Adams, who stars as Lois Lane, Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zorer who play Superman's Kryptonian parents, as well as Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, who portray his adoptive parents.

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