Madonna Discusses Her Possible Next Film Project Post-'W.E.'

The Material Girl shares the plot idea of her next dream film, which story follows an English aristocrat named Jane Digby who falls in love with a Bedouin guard.

AceShowbiz - After scoring a success from her directorial stint in "W.E.", Madonna admitted that she has already pitched some ideas for her next film project. Speaking to MTV News, Madge opened up that she has been thinking about adapting another historical story to the big screen. She said that the story will involve a strong female character, whom she described as an "English aristocrat."

"There's a lot of stories that I'm interested in," said the mother of young designer Lourdes Leon. "I'm obviously always going to be drawn to stories about strong females 'cause we need, I need them, for inspiration. Well there's a story, but you won't even know about this person, Jane Digby."

The Material Girl went on explaining, "She was in the English aristocrat in the [19]th century and she was excommunicated or outcast from society because she had an affair and she had a child." The diva said that Digby's husband took away her child and she began breeding horses in Greece. To sell her horses, she must dress up like a man and be accompanied by Bedouin.

"One of her Bedouin guides became one of her closest friends and confidants," the 53-year-old Pop Queen continued on. "And she ended up falling in love with him and he fell in love with her. But he did have several other wives and he wanted to marry her."

Madonna explained that Digby agreed to marry him only if he left his wives. "He did agree to that and they lived together for the rest of their lives until she died," said the star of the story's happy ending. "It's an incredible love story. Lady Jane Digby. It's a comedy."

The upcoming project aside, Madonna has been receiving positive reviews for her work in "W.E." The movie helped her win a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. It is also nominated for Best Costume Design at the 2012 Academy Awards. The period drama was initially scheduled to open in the U.S. theaters last December 9, before being moved to February 3.

Just a day prior to the release, a brand new clip for "W.E." has been released via Yahoo! Movies. The short snippet offers a look at a scene where King Edward VIII and Wallis are having some serious talks in a car.

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