'Gossip Girl' Bosses Insist Season 5 Won't Be the Last, Share Tidbits From 100th Episode

'Gossip Girl' Bosses Insist Season 5 Won't Be the Last, Share Tidbits From 100th Episode

Assuring that they're not writing a series finale this year, executive producer Stephanie Savage says the CW drama series will likely end after 6 seasons.
"Gossip Girl" fans can rest assured that their favorite show will live beyond season 5. At a screening of the upcoming 100th episode on Wednesday, January 25, executive producer Stephanie Savage insisted that they are not planning the last episode of the current season as the series ender.

"We're not writing a series finale this year," she stated. "We've checked in with our bosses to make sure we're not shooting ourselves in the foot." In fact, she believes that The CW's drama series will wrap up after 6 seasons.

"The actors' contracts expire at the end of next season, so that feels like probably an organic ending point," Savage said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Echoing the hope that "Gossip Girl" gets another season order, Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth stated, "I certainly hope we get one more season."

At the screening, Savage and executive producer/showrunner Josh Safran also shared some tidbits from the anticipated January 30 outing which will feature Blair's royal wedding. Safran confirmed that Michelle Trachtenberg's Georgina Sparks returns to make chaos during the nuptials, but her motives are "more entertainment than evil."

Another person who will try to stop the wedding from happening is Father Cavalia. Safran said the priest of Monaco has such agenda because "he wants the royal ear." Hinting that Father Cavalia might have used Beatrice for his intention, he said the priest will next turn to Chuck for help.

As for Serena, leading to her friend's big day, she "feels like she might be losing things in her world right now. The ground is shifting underneath [her]," Safran revealed. Meanwhile, Nate and the real Charlie will find a new connection since "he's in a position where he can help her, and actually use what he's learned in his life to help somebody else, as opposed to just constantly being s*** on."

"Gossip Girl" airs every Monday at 8 P.M. on The CW.

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