'Survivor: One World' Cast Members and New Twists Announced

'Survivor: One World' Cast Members and New Twists Announced

Beside staying at the same camp, the 18 contestants will sometime do challenges with given materials and instructions, but without the presence of host Jeff Probst.
A month away before the premiere, "Survivor: One World" introduced the cast by featuring them in a picture and a video. As host Jeff Probst describes in the video, among the 18 contestants who come from different backgrounds, there are plenty of villains, some unique characters and a couple of smart people.

It has been revealed before that the contestants will be divided into two tribes based on gender, Manono and Salani, and they will live together. "We wondered what would happen if we forced them to live together with no rules," Jeff says about this major twist. "You can do whatever you want. But when it comes to the challenges, it is men versus women. And that gave us tons of new stuff to play with."

Another change is that Redemption Island, which was seen in the last two seasons, will be out of the format. Meanwhile, the show will introduce "Do It Yourself Challenges", which will take place back at camp.

In this kind of games, the two groups will receive materials and instructions about the challenge in exchange of Jeff's presence. "So they figure out how they're going to run it, who's going to participate, and then they run it," so Jeff explains.

As for what dramas this new twist can produce, he says, "There's no judge there. There's no person to moderate it. You guys figure it out. We were hoping somebody might step up and decide to become the annoying host and say things like, 'Pick up the pace! You dropped a coconut!' And sure enough, that's what happens."

Also in the upcoming season, there will be two idols hidden at the camp, one for each tribe. Jeff notes, "When you find the idol, you can't use it for yourself. You have to give it to someone from the other tribe."

The 24th season of "Survivor" will premiere Wednesday, February 15 at 8/7c on CBS.
  • Nina Acosta (51), retired Los Angeles policewoman - Clovis, Calif.
  • Jay Byars (25), model - Gaffney, S.C.
  • Christina Cha (29), career consultant - West Hollywood, Calif.
  • Monica Culpepper (41), retired NFL player's wife - Tampa, Fla.
  • Colton Cumbie (21), college student - Monroeville, Ala.
  • Kat Edorsson (22), timeshare rep - Orlando, Fla.
  • Michael Jefferson (30), banker - Seattle
  • Leif Manson (27), phlebotomist - San Diego
  • Chelsea Meissner (26), medical sales - Charleston, S.C.
  • Kourtney Moon (29), motorcycle repair - Austin, Texas
  • Jonas Otsuji (37), sushi chef - Lehi, Utah
  • Bill Posley (28), stand-up comedian - Venice, Calif.
  • Matt Quinlan (33), attorney - San Francisco
  • Alicia Rosa (25), special ed teacher - Chicago
  • Troy Robertson (50), swimsuit photographer - Miami
  • Greg Smith (64), plastic surgeon - Houston
  • Kim Spradlin (29), bridal shop owner - San Antonio
  • Sabrina Thompson (33), high school teacher - New York

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