Sandra Bullock: My Son Gives Me a Second Chance at Childhood

The 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' actress spills in a recent interview the positive side of having nearly 2-year-old Louis in her life as saying, 'You do things you thought were long past.'
Sandra Bullock has found out the benefit of having a small child in her life. The Hollywood actress, who will soon be seen in "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", recently said in an interview that her son Louis gives her a chance to remember being a child.

"If you let a child into your life, you get a second chance at a childhood and you do things you thought were long past," the 47-year-old told Extra. "I'm seeing things we have to do and have to see, so we can remember and take a picture and say, 'Oh my gosh! Look at this!' - when normally I'd just blow past it. It's a whole different time when you do it for the kids."

During the chat, the Leigh Anne Tuohy of "The Blind Side" also revealed that her boy, who turns 2 in January 2012, does believe that Santa Claus exists. She told interviewer AJ Calloway, "He's met Santa. He's already in with Santa... because Santa is very real."

In a separate interview, Sandra jokingly said that Louis won't get any present from her this holiday. At the New York City junket for "Extremely Loud" on Sunday, December 11, she jokingly told Access Hollywood, "Not a thing. The less you give, the less they'll expect. And that way if I give him nothing, he won't remember it and he won't expect it next year and it's cheaper!"

The "Miss Congeniality" star later revealed though that Louis' holiday is going to be "a little ridiculous". She explained, "I want the photo ops to be really great because he's not going to remember it, but he'll remember it by the photos."

"And when he's 16 and says, 'I hate you - you're a horrible mother,' I'll go, 'Do you see this Christmas? Do you see that I got you that life-size lion? Shut up! Get in your room and do your homework. I was a good mother then.' And that's what I'm going to use. That's my ammunition."

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