Video: 'South Park' Makes Fun of Penn State Abuse Scandal

Video: 'South Park' Makes Fun of Penn State Abuse Scandal

Some people, however, are not happy with the show's take on the sex abuse case with one person commenting, 'It's ok to laugh but why laugh about children being raped?'
"South Park" has once again tried to bring laughter by making jokes on a sensitive issue. The November 16 episode of the animated show took a jab at Penn State sex abuse scandal by featuring a social worker character making fun of the case, much to his own delight.

The social worker, Mr. Adams, appears in "The Soft Room" scene as he tries to talk to Kenny and his siblings who are taken out of their parents custody when they get in trouble with the law. "I've been looking over my file and see you kids have all been horribly physically and emotionally abused. Oh, whoops! That isn't your case file. It's the Penn State University Gazette," he jokes.

"Now, listen, you're going to be put into a foster home, so I need to know, would you like to go to Neverland Ranch, a Catholic church, or Penn State University?" Mr. Adams continues making reference to the Penn State scandal. When Kenny's little sister cries, the social worker tries to cheer her up by joking, "How about this one? Joe Paterno doesn't walk into a police station. C'mon, that's a good one!"

While some may have anticipated this from "South Park" which is known for its interest in controversial issues, some others still found the show's take on Penn State scandal went too far. One of The Christian Post readers, who happens to be a parent, said, "Nobody should be making fun of abused children! The writers for South Park need to stop and ask themselves how insensitive can I be. Some things are just not funny!"

Another person, who is not impressed by the outing titled "The Poor Kid", commented, "It's ok to laugh but why laugh about children being raped? Obviously you don't have kids? Would you be laughing if your son or daughter said they were raped? How would you feel if people were laughing about your son or daughter that was raped?"

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