Tornado, Hospital and Bank Vault Scenes in 'Man of Steel' Teased

The tornado scene is teased in an on-set footage, while the other scenes which will be filmed in hospital and bank vault are described by an insider.

AceShowbiz - Production for Zack Snyder-directed "Man of Steel" has been set in motion. An on-set footage recently hit the web, giving a sneak peek at a tornado scene which was recently filmed at the Sugar Grove area near Plano, Illinois.

Some huge fans were seen being set on the side of the road supposedly to give a tornado effect. According to narration provided by the person who secretly took the video from behind the bushes, Kevin Costner who plays Jonathan Kent is involved in the filming. Instead of running away, he is seen walking in the direction of the storm.

Words are, next on Snyder's schedule after the tornado scene is the filming of some big action scenes in Valley West Community Hospital. A source told ComicBookMovie that they will have windows in the building blacked out, but would stage no real major explosions.

"Nothing will be big there because they can't actually blow up the hospital. So they're just going to be using some controlled and smaller pyro's and then digitally altering it to make it look like a big explosion took place," the insider dished on.

The source furthermore talked about the bank vault which is featured in the background of the first official still. "Oh, it's real. The bank is real. It is being wired with explosives, too and will feature a massive military rumble involving Zod and Faora. The direction of that scene will be done from more of a distance because of explosives, just like the 7-Eleven," it was revealed.

Talking about the Superman, the source said, "[He] learns of certain powers that he has where a glass starts shaking and then breaks. Snyder was very specific and provided a lot of detail about how this was to be done. It will all be controlled with pyrotechnics with certain holes drilled at certain depths and multiple blasts to make the total effect."

Starring Henry Cavill as Clark/Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, the film which is directed by Zack Snyder will hit theaters in 2013. It promises to ramp up the action of its esteemed predecessor "Superman Returns", and to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve.

On-set footage of tornado scene:

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