Jeremy to Learn His Dead Exes' Mysterious Appearance in 'Vampire Diaries' Season 3

Jeremy to Learn His Dead Exes' Mysterious Appearance in 'Vampire Diaries' Season 3

Before he figures out in an October episode why his late girlfriends haunt him, Jeremy may be keeping this experience a secret from his friends.
When "The Vampire Diaries" returns this fall, Jeremy will try to figure out why he was suddenly able to see his dead exes, Vicki and Anna, at the end of season 2. The answer, however, will not be provided early in season 3 as exec producer Julie Plec says, "At the beginning of the season, we'll see that he still hasn't had any success figuring out what it is that they want, or understanding even what it is that they are."

While he still can't get the answer, Jeremy might not tell his friends about his experience. "Nobody else is aware of what he's been going through," Plec goes on telling Entertainment Weekly. "His behavior has changed quite a bit and people are starting to wonder if he's perhaps getting back into some old bad habits."

The answer will be uncovered in an episode aired in October which is described as "the climax of the haunting of Jeremy", but "it will once again be another twisty story," executive producer Kevin Williamson teases. He adds, "It's gonna take a lot of turns and also involves some unlikely participants."

Plec additionally hints that more dead characters will show up on the show. "We're gonna have some fun with Vicki and Anna and start to really reveal the secrets of why they're here, what they want, and who else they have access to from our past," she says, before adding "That's the most beautiful part of our show. Just because somebody faces their demise in our world, doesn't mean we'll never get to see them again."

Bonnie, who resurrected Jeremy in season 2 finale and indirectly gave him "access to two people who were very important to him romantically and emotionally", will also be affected by his new situation. "For the first time, we'll get to see Bonnie trying to navigate the difficulties of a relationship," Plec claims.

"It's not about being a witch or having access to the power of a 100 witches, it's about being a girl who loves a boy whose heart is a little bit torn in different directions," she further details. "I think it will be nice for us to see Bonnie explore some good relationship stuff for a change instead of just being the witch on duty."

"The Vampire Diaries" season 3 will air every Thursday at 8 P.M. starting on September 15. The CW will bring the show to San Diego Comic Con 2011. The stars like Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are set to attend the panel on Saturday, July 23.

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