'DWTS' Recap: Chelsea Kane Almost Perfect, Injured Ralph Macchio Inspiring

'DWTS' Recap: Chelsea Kane Almost Perfect, Injured Ralph Macchio Inspiring

The actress previously known as Chelsea Staub got two 10s for her 'highest quality' waltz, while Ralph impressed the judges with his effort to dance despite his injured knee.
"Dancing with the Stars" week 8 continued with five remaining contestants doing two dances: one in the normal fashion and one choreographed "instantly" to music they learn during the broadcast. Ralph Macchio, who gave a scare prior to the performance due to his knee injury, held back his pain and got through the show on Monday night, May 9.

Chelsea Kane (aka Chelsea Staub) was the first who came out for the normal individual dance. She danced the waltz which was deemed "dancing of the highest quality" and "fabulous" by Bruno Toli. Carrie Ann Inaba said she "earned perfection tonight," but Len Goodman thought "occasionally you put too much emphasis on the story, not on the dance." Chelsea got 29 out of 30.

Current frontrunner Hines Ward danced the foxtrot which "was beaming with a blissful look of happiness," Bruno gushed. Carrie Ann and Len loved his cheesy performance with the former saying, "A little bit of cheesy Hines... I loved it!" The latter added, "Your personality just radiates throughout the ballroom, to the judges..." He scored 28.

Lil' Romeo danced the tango "like a real man out there," so Bruno called it. Carrie Ann said "that was amazing" because "you're dancing like you really meant it." She additionally thought it was one of Romeo's best routines ever. Len stated Romeo's dance was as best as the previous two contestants. He got 27 from the judges.

Next was Ralph who danced the Viennese waltz. He did an amazing job considering his injured knee as Len said, "For someone who's had limited time to practice, you did a great job." Carrie Ann said, "You inspire us you danced with so much pain," while Bruno stated, "Vampire lovers! Dancing from dusk to dawn." Still, they had to judge him based on not knowing that he had an injury, so they gave Ralph 25.

The last normal individual dance was performed by Kirstie Alley who danced the Argentine tango. Len said, "It was hot," and Bruno chimed in, "A hint of aggression! Just the right amount of passion!" Carrie Ann added, "I think you just topped your cha-cha." She scored 28.

Later, Chelsea showed up on the stage again to do the instant dance. This time she danced the salsa to "Get Busy" by Sean Paul. She and her professional dancing partner Mark Ballas were nicely coordinated, but Carrie Ann felt their "great" performance was "not connected to the music all that well." Still, Bruno praised her for "setting the bar very, very, very high." Chelsea got 26 for the instant dance.

Hines danced the jive to "Chantilly Lace" by Jerry Lee Lewis. Len credited him for working hard and doing a fantastic job. Carrie Ann said, "You were on every beat! You totally relaxed into the moment," but Bruno said, "It was a bit like a penguin," before adding "You've done an incredible job in 20 minutes." Hines got 26.

Romeo danced the salsa to "Tequila" by Xavier Cugat. He seemed having fun with it, but Carrie Ann said, "It was very casual. It needed to be just a little tighter and a little more in sync." Bruno commented, "You're both gorgeous and sexy, but the salsa is about fluidity of movement." He scored 25.

Ralph danced the cha-cha to "Stuck in the Middle" by Stealers Wheel. He only got 21, but he did another impressive job considering his injury as Carrie Ann said, "It's amazing that you were able to pull that off without any rehearsal." Bruno, meanwhile, pointed out the flaw, "You lost it a little bit at the end as well."

Kirstie wrapped up the performance show with her salsa to "Cobrastyle" by Teddy Bears featuring Mad Cobra. Though "it lacked a bit of impact," Len still saw it "fabulous". Bruno said, "You smooth, flirtatious vixen!" but criticized her for losing the sync. Carrie Ann disagreed, stating "I really enjoyed it, I though you were totally in sync. Your energy is so nicely matched." Kirstie scored 25.

The judges scores will be combined with people's votes to determine who will be sent home from "Dancing with the Stars" this week. The result will be announced on Tuesday, May 10 show.

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