'Law & Order: L.A.' Return Delayed, 'Parenthood' Moved

'Law & Order: L.A.' Return Delayed, 'Parenthood' Moved

NBC is placing 'Parenthood' in 'LOLA' 's Tuesday night time period and continuing new series 'Harry's Law' on Mondays 10/9c.
NBC is doing some adjustments in its midseason schedule that cause another delay to "Law & Order: Los Angeles". The spin-off to "Law & Order", which has already been on a two-month hiatus, is not going to return on February 8 as scheduled. Instead, the network will set a new date and announce it later.

In that case, "Parenthood" will leave its Mondays 10/9c slot and take over "LOLA" 's Tuesdays 10/9c slot. "Parenthood" 's original time is going to continue containing new series "Harry's Law" which is doing good at the time period.

There is no reason stated why "LOLA" is pushed back but NBC emphasized that they are pleased with the show's ratings. The creative team recently made a role-shuffle, letting go Skeet Ulrich and changing Alfred Molina's role from deputy district attorney to police detective. Terrence Howard will then be able to appear every week as the deputy district attorney.

In its midseason schedule announcement, the Peacock also said new competition series "America's Next Great Restaurant" will premiere March 6 instead of March 16. Meanwhile, "The Marriage Ref", which was scheduled to return for its second season on March 6, will come back to the schedule at a later date.

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