Jay-Z Raps About Taylor Swift in Kanye West's 'Power' Remix

The 2010 Hip-Hop Cash King says he, Kanye West and Swizz Beatz are 'in search of the truth/ Even if it goes through Taylor Swift.'

AceShowbiz - The remixed version of %cKanye West%'s new single "Power" has been out for fans' listening pleasure. Having additional lines from %cSwizz Beatz%, the revamped track also features %cJay-Z% who can be heard name-checking %cTaylor Swift% in the audio stream.

First, the Roc Nation founder who has previously defended Kanye over his infamous MTV VMAs stage crash gives advice to young musicians. "F**k all these labels/ F**k what everyone wants from you," he raps before warning that they're trying to "%cAxl Rose% you/ Welcome to the Jungle." Then, he spits verses about being "in search of the truth/ Even if it goes through Taylor Swift."

After Jay-Z says music industry might not be too friendly for some people, Kanye urges fans to take chances and make their own path. "Grab a camera, shoot a viral/ Huh? Take the power in your own hands/ I'm a grown man, doin' my grown dance," he suggested, giving a nod to Internet as a self-promotional platform.

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