'American Idol' Top 9 Recap: Adam Lambert Mentors Elvis Wannabes

'American Idol' Top 9 Recap: Adam Lambert Mentors Elvis Wannabes

In the performance that will determine two people going home this week, Crystal Bowersox continued to amaze the judges while the others received a mix bag of comments.
Adam Lambert became the highlight of this week's "American Idol" for he was guiding the Top 9 contestants to master Elvis Presley's songs. During the performances, Adam sat in the audience's seat and did a brief interview with Ryan Seacrest, saying if he had to pick an Elvis song then it would be "Can't Help Falling in Love".

Crystal Bowersox was first with "Saved" and an electric guitar. Randy Jackson commented, "It could have been the second coming of Bonnie Raitt or something." Ellen DeGeneres said it was "fantastic" while Kara DioGuardi loved the tempo. Simon Cowell concluded, "You didn't choose an obvious song, you put your own slant on it and didn't fall into the karaoke trap."

Andrew Garcia picked "Hound Dog" and he did not do too well. Randy said, "That was definitely not good karaoke." Ellen wished he "had put a little more swagger in it". Kara commented on his act of dragging the microphone. "I felt like the mic was your crutch almost," she said. Simon took a jab, "I thought it was lazy, predictable, like the part in a musical that no one wants to hear. All of your coolness has been sucked out of you."

Tim Urban went with "Can't Help Falling in Love". After weeks of being the underdog, Tim received praises. Randy "actually liked it", Ellen "enjoyed it" and Kara said it was his favorite Tim performance. Simon summarized, "You have managed to go from zero to hero in two weeks. And you don't need much, good song, good guitar, you've taken the advice from us really, really well."

Lee Dewyze sang "A Little Less Conversation". Randy uttered his favorite "in the zone" comment while Ellen said, "You made that so current. That really sounded like a brand new song." Kara wanted him to be more playful but said his vocal was "fire". Simon said it was about nailing the song, adding "It was on the money. Full stop."

Aaron Kelly chose "Blue Suede Shoes." For Randy it was "kind of half-half". Ellen let him know he did a good job while Kara said Aaron was out of his comfort zone and that it was good. Simon was still complaining about being current. "It's like somebody at a high school doing a concert," he said. "You didn't make it young. It was very karaoke."

Siobhan Magnus did "Suspicious Mind" with her signature scream. Randy said "That girl can sing right there." Ellen chimed in, "I liked the second half more than the first half." Kara said, "It's getting confusing for me. I'm sorry I wasn't crazy about it." Simon dropped the bomb, saying "The first half was terrible and then even in the second half with the big notes, you didn't hit all those notes. I don't think that song is you. Very erratic. Very screechy."

Michael Lynche performed "In the Ghetto". Randy said it was a little sleepy but the vocal was hot. Ellen was glad they saved him last week. Kara said, "It's a beautiful song and you definitely sang it well." Even Simon liked it, saying "A terrific choice of song, congratulations. It was a million times better than last week and one of my favorites that you've done."

Katie Stevens picked "Baby What Do You Want Me to Do?" Randy liked the vocals while Ellen joked, "That was a very horny song. A lot of horns in it. Man you can sing." Kara said, "I think you just showed us girl. Good job." Simon found it "loud", "annoying" and basically did not like it.

Casey James closed the night with "Lawdy Ms. Clawdy". Randy again used the "in the zone" comment, Ellen said "it wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped to see" while Kara thought it fell short for her. Simon said, "I'm going to call that one a wasted opportunity with a song that was completely forgettable but your vocal was good."

Since the judges' save had been used last week on Big Mike, the show will eliminate two this week.

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