'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Jake Proposes to Vienna

'Bachelor' Finale Recap: Jake Proposes to Vienna

The commercial pilot felt he did not move on with Tenley although his family loved her, and instead proposed to Vienna who appeared as the villain from the very beginning of the show.
"The Bachelor" has reached its finale and it was time for Jake Pavelka to land a decision. The Monday, March 1 episode was opened with Jake stating he was so in love with both of the women, Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi. He described them both "perfect" and complimented each's strongest suit.

To help him decide which girl he should pick, Jake brought each of them to meet his family. Jake said to her mom that Tenley and Vienna are two very different persons, adding that the latter did not make any friends while in the show. "Is she the girl that everybody hated? Because sometimes there's something to that!" his mom said.

First to meet the family was Tenley who wore a sundress and brought flowers. She greeted the family, gave a speech of why he's falling in love with Jake and had an alone time with Jake's mom. Tenley told her about the divorce and how she could handle conflict because of it. Then Tenley had a conversation with dad, talking about family value. Apparently Tenley shared the same vision with dad that he declared he just met his "daughter-in-law".

Jake still had his doubt but his mother told him that he could try testing Tenley's goofy side. So he jumped into the pool fully clothed and Tenley followed him. At the end of the day, Jake's mom said Tenley was "perfect".

It was then Vienna's turn and Jake was worried that she won't meet up the family's standard. She told the family that the other women in the house hated her from the beginning. Jake's sisters-in-law said Vienna was "confrontational" but Vienna later said that her honesty offended others.

Mom said she was not too pleased about Vienna's way of answering with sarcasm. Jake's brothers meanwhile said what Vienna called "brutal honesty" sounded like an immature defense mechanism. Asked about how she felt about Jake, Vienna said Jake brought the best in her and that she couldn't live without him.

Starting out rough, Vienna melted the family's heart when she told them how much she cared about Jake. At the end of the day, Mom told Vienna she had changed her mind. Jake's sisters-in-law also said that Vienna may be offensive but she certainly was not a bad person.

Before Jake laid down the final verdict, he got to date both women for the last time. Jake and Vienna went to a sulfur bath but she complained of the smell. However, she finally gave in when feeling the mud and they made out in it. They drank champagne near a waterfall where she told him how much she was in love with him. Vienna then gave him her promise ring accompanied by a note which touched his heart.

Tenley got to snorkel with Jake in their last date. They sunbathed on the deck of a yacht and swam in between the fishes. Upon resting, he told her that he was mesmerized with their chemistry but was fearful of the progress they made. He complained that they moved on too slowly. Tenley was hurt hearing this and said that she can't turn around to the time she was not feeling love.

This unpleasant situation was resolved at night when he apologized for his statement. He said he loved so many things about her, especially the fact that she did not cease when he hurt her. Tenley assured him that she would be there for him always. She gave him an album of their photos together while in San Francisco and St. Lucia.

Jake's time to announce his choice came. He was assisted by Neil Lane to pick the diamond ring that he was going to use should he decide to propose. The women were flown by helicopter to the final rose ceremony. Both were nervous, saying it was the most important day for them.

Jake, looking stressed out, said that he knew what to do. He met Tenley first and said that he could not pick her due to some reasons. Jake was crying and so was Tenley. She told him, "I don't know what you think is missing. But thank you for showing me what I could have." They hugged and parted. In the car, Tenley thanked Jake for showing her how to love again and added that she did not think he knew what to do.

Jake then told the good news to Vienna, proposing to her right on the spot. "Vienna, I love you," he said before going down to one knee and asked "Will you marry me?" Vienna, beaming, replied, "Yes!".

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