The Worst of 'The Bachelor' Is Yet to Come

The Worst of 'The Bachelor' Is Yet to Come

The 14th season of the dating series is officially the one with most dramas since there is a bigger incident than Rozlyn's scandal and faux pregnancy coming ahead.
One backstage scandal and a pregnancy scare after, "The Bachelor" is yet to reveal the monster. Jake Pavelka dished out to ET that the worst is yet to come, saying "It is juicy now. It is going to get a lot juicier." Jake won't spill anything about what kind of incident is looming ahead, but he said that he's devastated by it. "That is yet to come and it won't be any secret. Horrible. Awful. On a scale of one to 10, it nears a 10," the bachelor rated.

Jake was forced to let Rozlyn go because of her affair with a producer. Afterwards, he chose to send off Michelle earlier than the rose ceremony because she got too emotional. "Great girl," Jake said about Michelle. "Maybe a little over emotional. She was there for me, not anybody else. She didn't care what anybody else thought. I respected that ...I felt in the end, her emotions maybe got in the way of us developing a relationship."

To ET, Jake also talked about Vienna who is an outcast to the other girls in the mansion. "There is a level of honesty that comes from her that is turning the girls off," he said. "It is like on our bungee jumping date, it went really well. She goes back and starts talking about it, saying, 'You really get to see who Jake is,' but the other girls don't want to hear that. She is naturally trying to talk about something wonderful that happened in her life. Bless her heart, it gets her in trouble."

As for whether he has found the one and proposed to her, Jake said, "What is so funny about that is my parents don't know. They don't have any idea of the outcome, so it is amusing to think that there are people out there who do."

Nine girls are still in competition to win Jake's heart. On Monday, January 25 episode, they will travel to the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area where they go dune buggying, and to Pismo Beach to do some sand surfing.

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