Recap: Meghan and Cheyne Win 'Amazing Race'

The dating couple did not always come first in the final challenges but less argument and good technique delivered them a victory.

AceShowbiz - In tradition of "The Amazing Race" finales, the fifteenth edition also took the final three teams back to the United States to compete for the ultimate prize. From Prague, Czech Republic, Cheyne and Megan; Brian and Ericka; as well as Sam and Dan hopped on the same plane to Las Vegas, Nevada where they explored the casinos, literally.

Once in Las Vegas, they had to find an Elvis with a clue inside a wedding chapel. They were then directed to The Mirage where they should perform the Road Block. One team member must stapled his or her way down The Mirage face first in order to get the next clue. Ericka actually finished first and was so far ahead the two others.

Inside Mirage, teams had to participate in a Cirque du Soleil-esque type of challenge where one team member was suspended with bungee cord and the other member had to sling them toward a bouquet of flowers hanging on air. Once retrieved, they should hand the bouquet to a kid who had the clue. Ericka lost her lead, switching duty and getting frustrated at how Brian swung her.

Sam and Dan then got their lead when Meghan and Cheyne got inside the wrong hotel. They were the first to do one of the mental challenges in the finale, which was to count up to $1,000,000 worth of poker chips scattered all over the tables. Meghan and Cheyne arrived at the venue last but they had a good strategy by stacking up the chips to the same height and started counting. When they got the correct amount, they received a chip worth a million dollars and the next clue.

Then, teams had to find Wayne Newton who had waited inside Suite 88 at MGM Grand Hotel. After saying hi to the Las Vegas icon, they were in a foot race to the finish line. Meghan and Cheyne who had became a clear winner since the past three legs, turned up around the corner and claimed their victory. They were granted the $1,000,000 cash as the winners of season 15.

Sam and Dan finished second, followed by Brian and Ericka.

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