Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Filming 'Knight and Day' With Bulls

Being pictured on the film's set, the two stars were seen bravely doing their stunt by riding a motorcycle through a flock of bulls on the street in Cadiz, Spain.

AceShowbiz - After the shooting for "Knight & Day" in Cadiz, Spain was suspended following an incident which involved bulls, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have been seen filming their scenes with the animals on Saturday, November 28. In one of the pictures obtained by OK! Magazine, the two were captured riding a motorcycle through a flock of running bulls on the street, while gun-toting "villains" chased them.

The previous week, seven bulls escaped from the set of the movie and attacked two women. The bulls roamed loose on the narrow streets of Cadiz for about forty minutes before they were recaptured on a beach. Later, the bull that reportedly led the breakout and started the stampede was booted from the set.

Cruise and Diaz have actually been asked by members of CAS International to pull out of the movie regarding the use of the animals. "Apart from the fact that bulls are abused for this movie, we also fear that after seeing this movie, even more American and other tourists will participate in the bull runs in Pamplona and elsewhere in Spain," so read a statement released by the anti-bullfighting organization on November 16.

In "Knight & Day", Tom Cruise plays Milner, a secret agent who goes on a blind date with unlucky-in-love Cameron Diaz's June. Trapped in a journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source, they become fugitives and they must figure out whether to be guided by truth or trust. Directed by James Mangold, the action comedy movie eyes a July 2, 2010 release date.

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