Artist of the Week: Shwayze

Artist of the Week: Shwayze

Without the pressure to follow the success of their debut album, Shwayze and Cisco Adler return to studio and make another album 'Let It Beat'.
Claiming his fame after releasing only one studio album, Shwayze is now gearing up to crack Billboard Hot 200 once again. Along with Cisco Adler, he will release a new studio album called "Let It Beat" across United States on November 3.

The first offering from the album has come out since June this year. Titled "Get U Home", it has been picked up as a soundtrack for movie "Sorority Row" and featured in an episode of "The Hills" season five. There will also be Snoop Dogg-featuring track "Livin' It Up", which he described as a song for the haters. Other featured guests in the record include The Knux and Tabi Bonney.

Shwayze exclusively told AceShowbiz what makes the album different from its predecessor. He said, "The first record was the first time Cisco and I ever did anything together so it was an experiment. It was then Cisco taught me about song structure and about the art of recording. When we got a chance to make the second record our focus was different and we wanted to take it to the next level in all aspects...production wise and lyrically."

When quizzed whether he feels the pressure to follow the success of the first album, he said worrying about the criticism is not his main concern. "Naw, I think excitement and nervousness are similar emotions. We'd been traveling for 8 months straight playing music we created 2 years before. When we finally got a break we wanted nothing more than to make new music! For our fans, but mostly for ourselves. For us it's about the music, so we handle that and worry about the critics later," he explained.

Shwayze has announced a bunch of dates for Party Rock Tour. Starting from November 5, he and Cisco will continue traveling across North America until December 19. More info about his forthcoming gig can be obtained on his MySpace where the new album has also been made available for free stream.

In addition to touring, Shwayze also has a movie project called "Get Jack's Tickets" under his belt.

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