Exclusive Interview: Shwayze on New Album, Tour and Movie Project

Exclusive Interview: Shwayze on New Album, Tour and Movie Project

Shwayze says 'Let It Beat' has lots of catchy songs, 'Party RockTour' will be full of sexy girls and he will show his comedic side in 'Get Jack's Tickets'.
Along with Cisco Adler, Shwayze rose to stardom through singles "Buzzin' " as well as "Corona and Lime". Becoming talks of the town since cracking Billboard Hot 100, they are determined to share more music with their fans by following up their debut album "Shwayze" with another record called "Let It Beat" and hitting the road for a tour.

In the spirit of the effort which will hit U.S. market on November 3, Shwayze exclusively told AceShowbiz about what they have to offer in the album. He promised there will be lots of catchy tunes and a duet with Snoop Dogg. The rapper also addressed what to expect from his upcoming "Party RockTour" and movie project "Get Jack's Tickets" as well as rumor of him collaborating with Kanye West.

ASB: When did you first find out about your passion in music?

Shwayze: I've always known...I've always loved music. It has always been a huge part of my life.

ASB: In what kind of circumstance are you mostly active in writing music?

Shwayze: I typically write when I'm in the concert environment...in the studio, on the road, on the bus or whenever I'm bored.

ASB: How is "Let It Beat" different from the debut album?

Shwayze: The first record was the first time Cisco and I ever did anything together so it was an experiment. It was then Cisco taught me about song structure and about the art of recording. When we got a chance to make the second record our focus was different and we wanted to take it to the next level in all aspects...production wise and lyrically.

ASB: You experienced a chart success early in your career. Do you feel the pressure when crafting the sophomore set?

Shwayze: Naw, I think excitement and nervousness are similar emotions. We'd been traveling for 8 months straight playing music we created 2 years before. When we finally got a break we wanted nothing more than to make new music! For our fans, but mostly for ourselves. For us it's about the music, so we handle that and worry about the critics later.

ASB: What would be the second single after "Get U Home"? And why?

Shwayze: That's hard! There are a few candidates.. I mean it could be 'Maneatrr', 'Livin' It Up', 'Down at the Motel', 'Crazy 4 U'. Cisco is a hook master so they're all catchy as hell!

ASB: How did it feel to score music for "Sorority Row" and film a music video with those beautiful ladies?

Shwayze: It was classic.. The whole thing from shooting the video with the cast to seeing it in the film, which I actually liked!

ASB: Could you please confirm at least one guest artist who will appear in your album?

Shwayze: We got uncle Snoop [Dogg] on the record. He appears on a song called 'Livin' It Up'. A song for the haters.

ASB: We see that you make a duet with Kanye West on the remix of song "Rock N Roll". Tell us how you guys first met and decided to collaborate.

Shwayze: That's a rumor! When I heard I called my manager like 'We got Kanye!?' Haha we'll collab in the future for sure.

ASB: What kind of fiesta fans can expect from the upcoming "Party RockTour"?

Shwayze: Pinatas y caliente mamacitas. [pinatas and sexy girls]

ASB: So, there's this feature movie project "Get Jack's Tickets". What is your role in that?

Shwayze: I don't want to give it away.. Just know that it's hilarious and hopefully the first of many.

ASB: Please leave a message for AceShowbiz's readers and tell them why they should buy your album!

Shwayze: If you buy our record the person you love will call you tonight! Send this to 10 people or 7yrs [of] bad sex...

Look forward to Shwayze being AceShowbiz.com's Artist of the Week on Monday, November 2.

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