Kim Kardashian 'Feeling a Little Old' on 29th Birthday

Kim Kardashian

Though so, Kim is still happy and has been planning an all-girl dinner celebration with her friends to be held in Los Angeles.
Turning 29 years old on Wednesday, October 21, Kim Kardashian confessed to People, "I'm not going to lie, I woke up this morning feeling a little old! It's my last year in my 20s." Yet, that won't lessen the birthday girl's joy as she gushed, "The first person to wish me a happy birthday was Reggie. He called so early this morning" when referring to boyfriend Reggie Bush.

Asked on how she would celebrate her big day, Kim stated, "I lived it up at Tao in Las Vegas over the weekend, then New Orleans had a special birthday celebration for me." She went on revealing, "Tonight in L.A. I'm having an all girls dinner. This will be fun and I can let loose with all my best friends."

In another Kim Kardashian news, the reality star and socialite has been quoted as telling the latest issue of Life and Style magazine now that she is getting older she's been planning to have a family. "Family is the most important thing in my life," she says." I always had a vision I'd be married with one kid by the time I'm 30."

However, that doesn't mean she plans to get pregnant anytime soon as she is focusing on working on her future with Reggie Bush. Briefly splitting up from the NFL player in July after dating for two years, Kim claims, "Before, I was strictly all about my work. Now I make it a priority to go see him instead. It's all about the commitment you choose to make." On having kids with Reggie, she says "I want a lot of kids. Maybe five or six. A mix of both boys and girls."

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