Emma Roberts Threatens to Delete Her Twitter Because of Hackers

Emma Roberts

Unlike Miley Cyrus who deletes her Twitter for the sake of privacy, Emma is forced to exit the network after her account is hacked.
Ever since Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account earlier this month, more and more Hollywood celebrities follow in her footsteps. The latest star who quits the social networking site is actress Emma Roberts, who is well known as the niece of actress Julia Roberts.

"i will be deleting my twitter today because EVERYDAY someone tries to hack on reset my password. Sorry to everyone who doesnt do that," read one of her tweets over the weekend. She then wrote another post, "Okay everyone making me feel really guilty so I'm not gonna delete my twitter ... for now. But please whoever it is STOP trying to get on!"

At the time of writing, Emma's Twitter account is no longer available. Though so, the 18-year-old actress herself has not yet issued a single word to explain her absence from the network.

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