'Cowboy Bebop' Is in Rewrite

During a press event for 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee', Keanu Reeves reveals that scribe Peter Craig is doing a rewrite on the draft for the anime adaptation due to budget concern for production.

AceShowbiz - Long without any news, the movie version of Japanese anime TV series "Cowboy Bebop" has got an update from none other than its leading man Keanu Reeves. Talking to MTV News during a press event for his upcoming "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee", the 45-year-old revealed that the film's script is getting a rewrite.

"There's a draft of the script, but the writer did such a great job [that] in order to make the movie, you would need half a billion dollars," Reeves revealed when asked about the movie project. He then added, "So the studio went, 'This movie is fantastic and it would cost half a billion dollars', so he's doing a rewrite."

Providing further info, the star of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" hinted that every character is included. "Everyone is in there," he said. Still, he noted, "The only challenge was to make a satisfying western narrative out of the kind of storytelling that happens. There's a great draft, so we're just trying to pull it back a little bit now."

Set in a time where "astral gates" make interstellar travel possible, "Cowboy Bebop" will follow the adventure of Spike Spiegel and his co-pilot Jet Black as the two travel through space with the spaceship Bebop. Scribe Peter Craig has been hired to pen the script. So far, no director has been attached to the project.

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