Recap of 'True Blood' Season 2 Finale: Deaths and Proposal

Recap of 'True Blood' Season 2 Finale: Deaths and Proposal

There were at least two cliffhangers that season 3 will have to explain when the vampire show returns on screen next summer.
"True Blood" officially ended its second season run on Sunday, September 13 with two deaths and at least two cliffhangers. The episode titled "Beyond Here Lies Nothin' " picked up right after the last episode left off. Lafayette was under Maryann spell and handed out Sookie a white gown to serve as the maid of honor.

[Spoiler Warning]. Sookie reluctantly put the gown and went to the ceremonial venue. Maryann told Sookie to repeat what she did but she was unable to. This would be the subject of discussion in the third season where Sookie discovered that she is not a mere human. Also, Maryann's vibrating trick seemed to have no effect on Sookie at all. Still, Maryann proceeded with her marriage to the Bull-head god.

The plan to get Sookie as maid of honor turned out to be a bait to lure Sam into the ceremony. Maryann's idea of marrying her god was to give a sacrifice, Sam. Bill managed to force Sam to follow him to the event and save Sookie. In the meantime, Jason and Andy joined the possessed black-eyes.

When Sookie wanted to help Sam from being sacrificed, Bill stopped her and advised her to use her gift instead. She was listening to Sam's thought which told her to ruin the wedding with her power. She did and Maryann lunged at her immediately. But before Sookie got hurt, Sam stepped in, shape-shifted into the bull god form and ripped Maryann's heart out, literally.

With the villain dead, the scene was moved to Eric playing Yahtzee with the Vampire Queen. Sophie-Ann warned Eric not to fall into Sookie like Bill did and Eric said it was not a problem. They had a deal then to have Eric "taking care" of Bill. Meanwhile, Maxine came back as herself and Hoyt dashed off to Jessica's house with roses in his hand but the vampire was feasting on a trucker.

Switch to the next day, the town was somehow back to normal and the book's writer Charlaine Harris was drinking at Merlotte's. Jason and Andy were caught up in a messy situation when Eggs approached Andy to be locked up and Jason came from nowhere shooting Eggs' head because he thought Eggs was about to kill Andy. The sheriff took the blame and told Jason to run away.

Sam, driven by his curiosity to find out about his nature, came to his adoptive parents to find out about his birth parents. The mother won't tell him but the bed-ridden father scribbled a note to him along with the words "I'm Sorry".

Back to Bill and Sookie, the waitress received a proposal from the vampire during a night out at French restaurant. Flabbergasted, Sookie could not give an answer and went to the bathroom to think. While she was weighing on the options and realizing that she wanted to say yes, Bill was kidnapped by a shadowy figure using a silver chain as weapon.

Third season of "True Blood" will be back on HBO summer 2010.

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