First Look at 'Smallville' Season 9 Through Trailer

Be quenched by footage showing Clark's opponents, Metallo and General Zod, as well as Tess and her weapon.

AceShowbiz - A highly-anticipated first look to "Smallville" season 9 has been released exclusively via Entertainment Weekly. The trailer shows the changes in Clark, how he handles bigger problems and how he is "embracing" his Kryptonian side, as Chloe puts it.

The footage also gives a lot other pivotal scenes including when Daily Planet journalist John Corbet (played by %cBrian Austin Green%) wakes up with an artificial heart. But the biggest treat is a peek at %cCallum Blue%'s General Zod telling his people to kneel before him. "I will find an answer we are looking for or I will die in the quest," Zod in his human form declares.

One additional peek is at %cCassidy Freeman%'s Tess wielding a sword and saying to Clark that it is her only chance to defeat him before he destroys their world.

Unlike the rest of the shows debuting on The CW this Fall, "Smallville" premieres the latest with the date set on September 25.

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