Lauren Conrad 'Bittersweet' on Leaving 'The Hills'

Lauren Conrad 'Bittersweet' on Leaving 'The Hills'

The reality TV star revealed she was sad about leaving the show but at the same time is ready to venture out.
Lauren Conrad officially waved her hand to "The Hills" on the Sunday, May 31 episode and the star said it was actually "bittersweet". She also offered kind words for the next season which will come back without her and present her former "Laguna Beach" rival Kristin Cavallari center-stage.

"From what I've heard the next season will not disappoint," Lauren wrote on her MySpace page. The baton was handed over when both Lauren and Kristin attended the wedding of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Kristin caught the thrown bouquet from Heidi and Lauren quietly left the church alone.

"A part of me is sad to say goodbye to something that has been such a prominent part of my life, but I know that it was time and I am very happy with my decision," Lauren wrote. "While putting my personal relationships and struggles on television wasn't always easy, the support I received from people made such a difference."

Missing from "The Hills", Lauren Conrad is pursuing "some interesting projects" including her first novel. "I will keep you all updated," she promised.

Meanwhile, the fifth season of "The Hills" will get a bonus episode which will air on TV around September.

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