Lloyd Banks Shooting Down Rick Ross for Dissing Eminem

Lloyd Banks

'How do you go from praising somebody in one interview to calling him a 'monkey' in the next,' Lloyd Banks says of Rick Ross mocking Eminem, adding that Rick is like a '12 or 13 year old.'
Lloyd Banks, who is one of G-Unit's artists, mocks Rick Ross as a response to Rick's statement of calling out Eminem "a monkey". Sharing what he has in mind regarding the mockery, Lloyd says during an interview with MTV, "He reminds me of 12 or 13 year old."

Lloyd gushes further, "How do you go from praising somebody in one interview to calling him a 'monkey' in the next?" He adds, "He's been in out of pocket too many times. We'll see where his future goes. It doesn't look too bright, if you ask me."

Regarding Rick's achievement of securing the top spot on Billboard Hot 200 with his latest album "Deeper Than Rap", Lloyd apparently is not impressed. He states, "First of all, his first week [sales] was 150 thousand and change. That was with two or three months of promotion, beefing with the most popular rapper there is right now outside of Eminem. There is no bigger promotion than that."

Moreover, Lloyd, who has dissed Rick in single "Officer Down" in February, promises to bring out another mockery record against Rick. "I got 'Officer Down, Part II' coming. He'll have to deal with that," so Lloyd notes. On Rick's possible reaction, Lloyd shows no fear. Instead, he will take a benefit over it. "If [Ross] responds, it benefits me. It goes straight to iTunes. I found a way to make money off a beef," he says.

Rick Ross has indeed mocked Eminem on Thursday, April 30. Despite his statement of being the Slim Shady's fan, Rick said, "The only way I could fix that - Eminem you're a monkey. He's really a honky [pronounced to rhyme with 'monkey'], but that's racial. You n---as monkeys. The world knows you're monkeys." Prior to dissing Eminem, Rick has a feud with G-Unit founder, 50 Cent.

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