New Sneak Peek of 'J.O.N.A.S!': Lucas Brothers Missing Backup Singer

New Sneak Peek of 'J.O.N.A.S!': Lucas Brothers Missing Backup Singer

In an episode of 'J.O.N.A.S!', Nick Lucas announces a bad news to his brothers that their backup singer will not be present on their important gig.
Another clip is released weeks ahead of the "J.O.N.A.S!" premiere. Every Saturday until the debut on May 2, Disney Channel release a sneak peek of the new TV show starring Jonas Brothers and Chelsea Staub.

In the clip, the Lucas brothers are having major crisis when one of their female backup singers cannot attend their gig after having a frog in her throat, literally. In fact, they are about to perform in front of the head of their record label. Suddenly Macy comes with all her clumsiness and Stella calms her down.

Meanwhile, Disney are also running the promotion of the show online. Put up every Saturdays until the premiere night are new featurettes that can have fans interracting with the show. At, fans can start creating styles for the Jonas Brothers in Stella's styling. Stella, in the series is a good friend of the Lucas brothers and also a personal stylist for the band.

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