'The Amazing Race 14' Recap: Mel and Mike Go Home

'The Amazing Race 14' Recap: Mel and Mike Go Home

'The Amazing Race 14' continued in the sun-drenched Thailand where Mel and Mike made a fatal mistake in the beginning of the race.
The fourteenth season of "The Amazing Race" continued its race to Thailand with 6 remaining teams. From Jaipur, India, the teams took flight to Phuket and the first to depart were Tammy and Victor. Behind them in respective orders were Mel and Mike; Kisha and Jen; Margie and Luke; Jamie and Cara; and Mark and Michael.

Buying the tickets from a travel agency, all the 6 teams were booked for the same flight. As soon as it landed, they have to find the gorilla statue that they had been given a photo of earlier. In a taxi race, all of them headed out to Phuket Zoo except for Mel and Mike who were directed to Putong Beach. Jamie and Cara were the first to find the Gorilla and the Road Block clue told them to take a picture with a tiger in the zoo.

A gut challenge, the picture taking with the tiger increased the anxiety when the trainer was revealed as a one-armed man. The road block also required the contestants to lie down while an elephant walks pass them and squats on them. From there, they were told to go to Tong Herbs Store where there were 99 drawers containing the next clue. The store owner could only open one drawer that was pointed by the team one at a time.

Meanwhile, Mel and Mike were still clueless on the Gorilla's whereabouts and still wound up on the beach before realizing that they supposed to go to the zoo. Mark and Michael were the first to get the clue from the herb store.

The Detour was next, giving a physical challenge in the middle of the heat. In "100 Barrels", teams must load 43 barrels of drinking water to a boat and lift the rest from the bottom of the ship to the deck. In "Two Miles", teams must travel with a hand-pulled rickshaw with one sitting on and the other pulling for 2 miles.

Mark and Michael as well as Tammy and Victor chose to do the rickshaw while the rest did the "100 Barrels". Once completing the detour, the teams should travel to Wat Thep Nimit Temple which was the sixth pit stop in the race. Mark and Michael checked in first but they had to incur a 2 times 30 minutes penalty for asking their cab to lead them to the detour and for messing up with the rickshaw.

Mel and Mike were then shown performing the 100 Barrels task while the race to the pit stop was going on. Tammy and Victor finished the rickshaw challenge but they left it at the park gate and had to reclaim it. Victor and Tammy finally stepped on the carpet to be the first and won a trip to Oahu.

With one minute left in the penalty, Mark and Michael had to swallow a bitter pill when Jamie and Cara overtook to be the second team. Margie and Luke were team number four and as soon as they checked in, Margie passed out. It was down to Kisha and Jen versus Mel and Mike. The former team got lost on their way to the pit stop while the latter were still struggling with the barrels. Mel and Mike arrived last and got eliminated.

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