Jewel and Nancy O'Dell Sidelined From 'Dancing with the Stars'

Jewel and Nancy O'Dell Sidelined From 'Dancing with the Stars'

'Dancing with the Stars' is expected to announce the replacement of Jewel Kilcher and Nancy O'Dell on the season premiere.
Jewel Kilcher is officially sidelined from this season's "Dancing with the Stars", and so is Access Hollywood correspondent, Nancy O'Dell. Jewel is confirmed to be replaced by Playboy mate, Holly Madison but no report yet on who will fill in for Nancy.

In a statement Jewel uttered her disappointment, saying "The doctor just looked at me and said, 'You're done dancing.'" She is diagnosed with fractured tibia in both legs that if she keeps dancing, it will prolong to bad consequences. "My doctor said under no circumstances could I continue because if the fractures get worse we were looking at longterm damage like arthritis at a young age or pins in my legs," Jewel said. "Neither of those were an option."

Holly who had been reported earlier to join the show, is now expected to be announced officially as the replacement on the season premiere which is March 9. Jewel in fact has a piece of advice for Holly, "Listen to your dance partner, don't have an attitude and pace yourself." Jewel, however, will still be present on the night to support her husband Ty Murray who is also competing and her professional dance partner, Dmitry Chaplin.

Nancy's reason of withdrawal, meanwhile is prompted also by injury on her knee cartilage. She is required to undergo a surgery to repair the torn ligament. Gilles Marini also has been diagnosed with tendonitis in his shoulder and groin, but he apparently is staying in the game.

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