Video: 'The Bachelor' Melissa Rycroft Interview on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Video: 'The Bachelor' Melissa Rycroft Interview on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Ellen DeGeneres secured first exclusive interview with Melissa Rycroft who was publicly humiliated on national TV during 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose'.
The headlines revolving around the issue of "The Bachelor" shocking ending mostly find out about Jason Mesnick's side of story, but Ellen DeGeneres has scored an interview with Melissa Rycroft in her show. Melissa said that Jason "gave up" on their relationship, but she is already moving on with a new guy.

"Earlier this week, millions of stunned fans watch as our next guest gets her heart broken in the most shocking finale in 'The Bachelor' ever," Ellen opened her segment. Melissa then walked in to Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" and hugged Ellen. Melissa then revealed how it was unfair to let her show her emotion on national television before she even had a chance to react to it privately.

"It was pretty immediate. Once we got back, we both kind of sat in the real world and we were talking about how it was different," Melissa went on. "When you take the cameras away, it was just at that point when we brought up how difficult it was (and) he kind of gave up. I couldn't understand why at the time. Now, I do because I think there was someone else involved."

After dumping her, Jason went public with his relationship with Molly. Melissa got to respond to this when Ellen asked her, "What made you think he was seeing Molly?". She said, "... Anybody that's been cheated on, you know, and being a woman, I got that feeling because he just backed away from me and I knew he had contacted her."

She added, "I asked Jason, 'Am I going to be blindsided by anything? Is there anything you want to tell me?' and he said, 'No, gosh no.' And the second I went out on that stage, he goes, 'P.S. it is Molly,' and I went, 'Bastard.'"

But the drama is over, Melissa is seeing somebody new, who ironically is named Ty which is the same name of Jason's son. "Are you with someone now?" Ellen asked. Melissa answered, "Yes. Because of the privacy and everything going on, we haven't really been able to explore a new relationship, but now that everything is over, I'm so excited!"

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