Jason Mesnick Sends More Women Home in 'The Bachelor' Week 3

Jason Mesnick Sends More Women Home in 'The Bachelor'  Week 3

The third week has been quite a time where the girls take out their claws for each other and a challenge for Jason Mesnick to decide who should stay in 'The Bachelor'.
Jason Mesnick has narrowed down the selection of his true love by sending home three women in week three. "The Bachelor" moves on with remaining contestants that include Stephanie, Molly, Nikki, Megan, Shannon, Naomi, Lauren, Jillian and Melissa. Those sent home are human resources associate Natalie, advertising executive Kari and account executive Erica.

Natalie who was one of those who earns a one-on-one date, went on a luxurious date with Jason to Las Vegas. Feeling little connection, Jason decides not to give her a rose. In a blog post the elimination, Jason wrote about Natalie, "It was so hard not giving Natalie a rose. I picked it up because I wanted so badly to give it to her, but put it down because I knew I couldn't."

He continued, "Yes, she called me names. And that never feels good. But everyone takes rejection in a different way and I don't blame her for how she was feeling. Natalie is a beautiful girl and will have all of Chicago waiting for her."

Meanwhile, both Kari and Erica were in the group date where they joined Jason for a bust casting. Each of the girls molded their torso in an art studio and painted the paper mache to be auctioned later for the benefit of breast cancer research. They got to rub Jason's body with baby oil and a one-on-one time with him later on.

One of the highlights in the episode is the personal date between Jason and Stephanie whose husband died in a plane crash when their baby was just 10 weeks. While on her way to meet Jason, Stephanie attempted to phone her daughter Sophia but could not go through. Jason had a surprise awaiting for her, Sophia, who came running to hug Stephanie upon seeing. The three of them then go to Legoland as a date.

Speaking of the date, Jason said "Sophia is truly amazing. We had so much fun playing on the beach. At one point she got a little carried away, slipping and bumping her face in the sand. She stood up and shook it off like the true Princess that she is. My tears were tears of joy, and they were incredibly real."

The next episode of "The Bachelor" will air Monday, January 27 at 8/7c. Below are the comments of the three eliminated women.

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