Audio: Ciara's Cover of Beyonce Knowles' 'Diva'


Ciara runs a cover of Beyonce Knowles' mid-tempo single 'Diva' to be included in her upcoming mixtape.
Ciara has landed her version of Beyonce Knowles' latest single "Diva". Ciara who thus becomes one of the major artists who decides to a cover another major artist's song, will include her remix version in the mixtape of her "Fantasy Ride" album.

While Beyonce is singing it as a diva named B, Ciara changes it to a diva named C. She sings on the hook, "I know you know about that diva diva named B. While I'm at it, I'mma tell ya 'bout this diva named C." Rumor has it, this cover has got Ciara in trouble since there had been reportedly no stamp of approval from Beyonce and her label when it leaked.

Ciara's "Diva" is set to be included in a mixtape that serves as the prequel to her third studio album "Fantasy Ride". The mixtape will also include a collaboration with 50 Cent and is due to hit the stores in January. Meanwhile, the new album is scheduled to be dropped on January 27 while its single "Never Ever" will be released on January 5.

"Diva" is a single included in Beyonce Knowles' new album "I Am...Sasha Fierce". Its music video was released earlier this month, along with that for another single "Halo".

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